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'Bradstone Round Top Edging' - 600 x 150 x 50" 
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Sub Base
‘Granular sub base MOT 1’
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A weed resistant material membrane
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Blue Gritstone 14mm
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5/8" x 5/8" (16mm) aluminium rail
Standard scale plastic sleepers (screw fit system)
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The track bed was initially surveyed with a theodolite and the approximate gradients calculated over the desired route.

A height measurement for the top of the edging was set from these calculations and small trench dug to accommodate the first edging piece.

Once the first edging was concreted in at the correct gradient a second one was laid opposite at the desired width.
(our main straight is about 1 meter wide to allow for a combined trackbed and footpath)

The process of trench digging and laying of edging continued until the desired length was reached.
Following this the now central grass and top soil were removed by man-power to create a fairly even base for the membrane.

The membrane was rolled out and cut to lengths (edges folded over) and the MOT base layer laid on top before being manually compacted down.
(MOT compacts well naturally so its best to leave it before adding ballast)

With the MOT covered with enough ballast to reach a few CM below the top of the edging, the ballast is then screeded off to gain a uniform flat surface to lay the track on to. Once the track is in position and bolted together more ballast is poured over and brushed into place with a stiff broom!

For ideas on laying the track through concrete please see the Construction page!

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